You…..the enhanced version

Do you find yourself wandering through life, feeling overwhelmed, not able to commit to any one direction?

Are you looking to make changes in your life but don’t feel confident enough to take commit?

Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Do you want to build confidence, courage and strength in order to live your truth?

If this sounds familiar keep reading to see how I can help you navigate your way through these and other life changes. Empty nest, Career Change, Relationship Change.

Your goal, to find what blocks you from creating the life you dream of. To build the courage, strength and confidence to take the steps towards living your truth.

You can’t change your destination over night, but you can change your direction.
— Jim Rohn

let’s work together

I’m Jenn, I have been empowering women to find confidence, courage and strength, through coaching and support, to create and live their dreams.

Cheryl came to me having one year’s experience in finances. she had her sights set on a leadership role in the company. she also wanted to repair her damaged relationship with her Mother. After a few sessions she began repairing that relationship and now has a close bond with her Mom. She is currently the manager of a financial institution.

Linda came to me feeling undervalued and invisible. although she knew what she wanted she felt she was spending all her time helping her partner accomplish his dreams. Linda learned to set clear boundaries allowing her to have time each day to work on her goals. She is now working side by side with her partner having incorporated both their goals into the same business.”

Join me on this one year journey to “Enhance You”

A journey of 10,000 miles begins with just one step.
— unknown

New Year, new You

January: Explore what is old and not working and release it to create space for what is proven to work.

February: Embrace all aspects of yourself through self love and self care.

March: Notice how you have been showing up in life and seek a higher perspective.


Spring, new Growth

April: Find your true passions, what you want to create.

May: Find Clarity to align thoughts, beliefs and actions with your truth.

June: Become aware of your limits and build courage to walk through them.


Summer…Relax & Allow

July: Relax. Experiment with the concept that you don’t always have to be “doing” in order to receive.

August: Stay true to you, keep the dream alive.

September: Strengthen your sense of worthiness.


Autumn, Bring on the HArvest

October: Celebrate who you are and the changes YOU created. Receive, receive, receive.

November: Share your gifts with others. Stay aligned with who you are by trusting your intuition.

December: Review what worked, what didn’t work. Let go of anything you don’t want to carry into the new year.


Find Your Magic, start Creating your Dreams

The beauty of this program is there are no schedules, no places to be, you work at your own pace, on your own time.

Each month you will receive":

A tip sheet prompting you through the theme of the month, including mantras and positive affirmations.

A weekly recorded 3 card reading, related to the theme of the month.

A recorded guided meditation, designed to get your quiet inside to uncover the truth of the month.

A distance reiki healing session focused on the theme of the month.

Access to a private facebook group to ask questions, receive support and socialize.

Options for a one on one coaching session with me at a reduced rate.


Invest now to feel on top of the world

Monthly commitment $69.00

Pay upfront for the full year and pay only $600.00

Option for one on one coaching session $75.00 hour

Because I enjoy watching you soar, you will find many surprises and additions to this program throughout the year. I am committed to empowering you to live your truth.