Mind Your Business

Have you ever had the experience of driving down the road and seeing something that distracts your attention? It’s dangerous, it’s how many accidents happen, you suddenly find yourself drifting into another lane.

I had this experience while out riding. In fact when there is lots of oncoming traffic, or a sudden distraction when I am rounding into a curve, I find myself feeling fearful. My body tenses, my eyes aren’t looking where they need to be looking, I feel as though I am pushing the bike through the curve.

On my recent trip I noticed this and my mantra became, mind your own business. It made the curves easier and less fearful. I then started to think how this can apply to daily life. “Mind your own business”. Anytime I feel distracted I can remind myself to mind my own business. I have found it works and puts the onus on my to focus on my business.

Do you find yourself getting distracted by what others are doing or saying? Do you easily get off track when there is a lot of activity around you? Does your mood change when you notice a certain post from someone on social media? It happens so often and so easily we don’t even notice when we are doing it.

From now on I am going to use this mantra when ever I feel distracted. It brings me right into the moment and helps me see where I need to change my attention. I am putting it out there for you to use as well. Enjoy Minding your own business, and all the focus and accountability it brings to you.

Jenn Prothero