Shifts and Changes

Times they are a changing, and shifting.  From my experiences and the information I am getting from my clients, a good expression might just be careful what you wish for.  I have found that what I wish for is showing up quicker than it ever has in the past.

Am I ready for those changes.  My answer has to be not completely, and here is why.

I work diligently from the end of October through to the beginning of May to plan, create, and market what I want my business to look like and where I want to focus my energy.  This year my focus was on creating more daytime and online clients so that I could be home more in the evenings.  I wanted a more focused routine and schedule.  Simple, less travel.  

Once mid May comes along I want to go with the flow, relax a little, and ride my Harley.  I coast with with what I have created until October, when I start all over again.

So, when I looked at my bookings for yoga studios for the summer and I only had about 1/3 of the ones I had the summer before you can imagine what my mind did.  That's right, fear jumped to attention, worry became a friend, the squirrel cage rambled, and the negative thoughts became the dark cloud over my head.  That is until I began to practice what I preach.  I took a step back and realized that the universe was working with me, this is exactly what I had asked for.  I then chuckled.  It was time for me to adjust.

I noticed that my phone was ringing more during the day.  I was attracting more reiki clients. When I took a close look, my income was slightly lower due to being in a regrowth period.   I also noticed a shift in the Wellness Business, yoga studios were growing, more were opening, there were more people open to wellness, (trying something different).  

Now that October is just around the corner I am already thinking about what my focus will be, and where I need to put my energy.  I am more open to what I am offering, where I want to offer my services, and who I want to work with.   I can see the changes I want to make to become more personal with my clients.  My mantra, keep an open mind, and open heart and the will always be filled.  

If you have been struggling with keeping up with shifts and changes in your life and in your business, keep in mind that you may have asked for this, and you may be doing the homework that paves a clear path for next year.  Be grateful, I know I am.