Thoughts Become Things

When it comes to your thoughts, whether they be positive or negative, they become things.  Your thoughts affect the experiences you have.  Positive thoughts create more positive experiences, negative thought creates negative experiences.  I have heard this said over and over for years. I worked on focusing on positive thoughts, and honestly, sometimes that is just a struggle all on its own.  You can begin to beat yourself up for the negative experiences you have because you know your thoughts created them.  When you are in a downward spiral, this can just add fuel to the fire.  It's an inner battle.

So maybe I am a slow learner, or just have to be taught in several different ways before the lesson actually sinks in.  The truth is like my Dad always said, hindsight is 20/20.  So you may not realize that your core negative thoughts are actually overriding the fluffy positive thoughts you are covering them up with.  Think inches of whip cream and cherries on top of asparagus, you get the picture.  You have to change the core thoughts that have become your beliefs.  Here is one way I learned.

During my second year of riding my motorcycle, we planned a trip to South Dakota, I am from Ontario.  Needless to say this trip involved mountains, of which we don't have any decent sized ones in Ontario.  Scared, yes, but I put on a good front, I don't let people see my fears.

While riding through the mountains, I found myself falling behind the other riders, I found the fear building up while entering the curves.  It didn't help that we were going directly down the side of a mountain with a sharp curve at the bottom.  I started to ask why I was struggling so much.  (you get lots of time to think while your riding) I then started listening to what my thoughts were about the curves.  I was telling myself these curves are tough, these curves are scary, why does there have to be so many sharp curves.  I am tired of all these curves.  I was seeing them as difficult, so I was experiencing the difficulty.

I decided to change my thoughts.  The next curve I saw coming I started to consciously talk to myself about it.  Oh look, another curve, how much fun can we have in this curve.  This curve is going to be so easy.  I am going to enjoy this curve.  Guess what.  I was able to relax through the curve, I didn't fall behind quite as much.  My arms relaxed.  I allowed the bike to ride the curve rather than trying to force it around it.  I did this over and over, throughout the day.  My experiences changed.  I liked the curves.  My arms didn't ache at the end of the day.  

This simple little exercise taught me that my thoughts definitely impacted my experiences. From this point forward when I feel myself struggling with anything I just ask myself what my thoughts are about it.  Once I change those thoughts and tell myself a different story, my experience changes.  Try it.  Life is simple, it is us that complicate it.