Uniquely You Bath Salts

Created uniquely for your desired outcomes.

When is the last time someone created something specifically for  you, with your desires in mind?

Take advantage of the opportunity to tell me what your desired outcomes and feelings for your next bath are and I will create a bath salt blend uniquely for you.

Your bath salt blend with be infused with reiki energy, crystal energy, a blend of essential oils, all natural products to create your desired feeling.

For example you may want to feel more relaxed, less stressed, sooth achy muscles, have a cleared mind, feel rejuvenated.  How do you want to feel?

$10.00 plus shipping per bottle.

Fruit and Veggie Bags

Handmade with love.

Make a conscious effort to avoid adding more plastics to the landfills buy taking these environmentally friendly fruit and veggie bags to the grocery store with you.

Transport and store fruits and vegetables in these adorable reusable bags.


Sold in packages of 3 these handmade bags sell for $20.00 including shipping.






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