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Trauma Healing:

Change Your Inner Stories, Change Your Life Experiences.

Girl Relaxing

It is said that victims of abuse and trauma that are left untreated continue to suffer similar life experiences until the inner story is arrested and healed.  Is this why many women that suffer domestic violence often end up in the same type of relationship over and over?  Could this be why petty criminals continue to graduate into more serious crimes?  Is it the same story that is looping around?

The answer to most of the questions is yes.  Until the story and the trauma is healed, the same type of life experiences will continue to show up.

Trauma healing begins when the brain waves are slowed down and begin to harmonize with their natural frequencies.  I use the Crystal Singing Bowls to bring you to this place of peace and calm within, where you find a re-connection with yourself.

Once in this sacred space, I take you on a journey back into life experiences that your sub conscious mind chooses, where you are able to see the truth, heal the story, change the outcome, and find forgiveness and freedom from the experience.

During any session you are completely in control, whether we are one on one or doing a remote healing.  Depending on how deep you are taking and the severity of your experiences we are usually able to heal 2 to 3 stories per session.

You will experience:

Relax completely; feel safe and supported in doing this deep work.


Explore where you hold this negative energy in your body.


Be guided into past experiences beyond the conscious mind. 


Change the outcomes and the stories you have held onto.


Feel relief from old stories and a freedom from trauma.

Each 90 minute session priced at $120.00

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