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From The Heart Healing Sessions

Embrace Life's Challenges

Jenn Prothero Reiki, Sound Therapy, Truama Healing, Meditation, Workplace Wellness

"We all come to a point in life when we need to look inside, find what is holding us back and  the source of pain, and heal." 

When I work with you, I work from the heart, I love what I do, I love watching you transform and have aha moments.  I get goosebumps when I offer a tip or technique and your face lights up with recognition. I welcome the opportunity to guide you to that place within and hold the space for your healing.   

Let's create a healing package that centers around your needs and desires.  A package can include a combination of healing modalities from meditation to journaling to sound therapy, coaching and online homework that prompts change in your daily life.  Although most packages are completed online, you have the freedom to connect with me at anytime during your 6 week program.    Your package is unique to you.

A story is a story, it is something that is happening outside of you, my concern is what is going on within you.  When we bring focus and love within using reiki or sound therapy, you begin to change the story and what is happening around you.  

Promise yourself you will stop adapting to stress and begin conquering it's affects on your body.  All healing sessions are available for children, teens and adults.  Let's teach them at a  young age to care for their body, mind and soul.

Do you find yourself in a place where you feel stuck, or overwhelmed, perhaps looking for change?  A new career, a new relationship, retirement, empty nest?  Let's transform what holds you back, into the motivation that propels you forward.

Intensive 4 week personal package designed just for you $750.00

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