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Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy

Creating Balance and Harmony Within

I have been developing my sound therapy skills since 2010, researching the benefits and experimenting with myself and clients.  What I have found is that everyone benefits from sound therapy.  I create different sessions and packages that are specific for each clients needs.  

“When you come from the heart you always make a difference."

Jenn Prothero

Relaxation and Frequency Healing

The sound of the crystal singing bowls is often associated with the sound of angels singing.  The frequencies and vibrations allow us to transcend the busy mind, relax the body and follow our natural rhythm to a place of peace, balance and harmony within. 

Music can transport us through our lives to memories, both happy and sad.  Your first kiss, your last dance.  Your body stores those memories, and music brings them to life.  This is why healing with music is so natural.  

Stress is the biggest negative factor in our lives and bodies.  In each stressful situation our body adapts allowing us to continue handling it.  Each adaptation brings our body further and further from it's natural state, even at a cellular level.  The longer we endure stress, the more we adapt, eventually bringing us to a state of illness.  Sometimes these illnesses are so subtle that we don't notice the changes happening within us until it's too late.  

Regular sound therapy can allow us to connect within, to feel where we are out of balance.   The deep state of relaxation offers a time for healing and releasing blocked energy mitigating the affects of daily stress.

Who will this help? 

The corporate leaders who tend to carry to much on their shoulders.  The busy mom or dad who finds themselves at the end of their rope before the end of the day.  The child or teen who has experienced trauma that is affecting how they cope in life.  The front line worker who feels over worked and underpaid and is feeling the physical demands of the job. The first responder who deals with stress and trauma on a daily basis. The  child that can't sit still during class due to either ASD or ADHD.  The stressed out adult who is seeking clarity in life, but can't seem to find the quiet space within to hear themselves.  Virtually everybody!

See therapeutic session details below.

Children and Teen Sound Therapy

Sound Mindset Transformations

Sound therapy has been affective in helping children with Austism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Healing Trauma.  

The frequencies help to balance the body, and help to create new neuro pathways in the brain.  

This is perfect for a student preparing for exams or having difficulty in school.  Sound therapy helps to open up new learning channels in the brain.  

Each child is different, requiring flexibility in the healing session.  Therapies will range from simply playing the 7 different bowls while the child listens, to adding in a meditation, to playing the bowls while the child colours or reads a book.  Each session is unique.

30 minute sessions  $45.00 Children Only

60 minute sessions  $85.00 Children Only

Private Adult Sound Therapy

Rejuvenate and Connect Within

A combination of rhythm instruments will be used to bring your body to a state of complete relaxation.  At this point your body releases barriers to healing and transformation.  Any stuck or blocked energy that no longer serves you is naturally released as the sound frequencies flow through you.  A guided meditation may be requested.

30 minutes       $45.00

1 hour session  $80.00

First time clients can experience a 15 minute mini sound bath meditation via video call.

15 minutes for $20.00

Group Sound


Crystal Singing Bowls Guided Meditation

Experience sound therapy with the crystal singing bowls in a group setting.
Group sound therapy sessions are just as effective as private sessions and allow many people to experience the healing frequencies at once.

I am available to come to your place of work, home, or venue to perform a group session for your friends or family or co workers. Minimum number of participants is 10 depending on location.

Many have found that this helps to bring about a sense of creativity and inner contentedness that is a great addition to a workplace leadership education or wellness day.

Cost per person varies from $25-$45 per person.  Contact me for details.

Ask me about different group workshops and teachings that I offer.