Jenn Prothero


“Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, empowering them to use their inner strength to reach their dreams. Empowering passion and a healing hand along the way.”





Because I have worked to heal these areas in my life, I am better able to know the steps you could take to heal yours. Each day is a new experience for us here, when we take full advantage of the opportunities that come our way, we experience more happiness and joy.

I don't necessarily have to work with you face to face. In fact I love distance healing. There are many different avenues we can use through distance healing whether it be reiki, meditation journey, or an angel therapy session. All of which are just as effective and powerful as one on one healing.

We are all headed to a place of peace and serenity, I look forward to assisting you on your journey. Please notice the different services and products and workshops I offer that will help

No matter where you are on this journey, you will move along your path at a smoother pace if your body, mind and soul are balanced and harmonized. Once in this state your body begins to not only heal itself, but to be quiet enough for you to hear your inner guidance.

This is where my passion lies. In assisting others, through a variety of healing modalities, to become balanced and harmonized. I am privileged to be able to work with people to bring them to a space of inner peace and inner strength. I also enjoy the coaching side of my career, where I hold your hand through the rough stages, and kick your butt with compassion to keep you going in the right direct.



"I noticed a
change within me.
I was becoming

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My Story

My healing journey began when I decided I wanted out of my corporate career. I stressed myself out trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Finally putting the thoughts aside I decided that something would come to me. That's when it happened, at first without my knowledge. I started listening to Hay House Radio, and following some of the well known authors like Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virture. I had no explanation for this, but I became a sponge for knowledge.

I noticed something changing within me. I was becoming happier, I could go to work and not hate my job. It wasn't just that I was believing what I was hearing and reading, it was that I was putting it into practice. This stuff was working. I was smiling again at least on the outside. Although I could feel happiness on the inside, there was so much to let go of and so much emotional healing to take place.

It was about this time that I found out I was an empath. Imagine my surprise to realize that not everyone was having the same experience with people around them as I was. I had no idea how much this was playing hovic not only in my life, but in my body as well. Consider being a manager that knew the motives and thoughts of her employees. This explained so much to me.

No matter how much personal healing I did through these learning years and how many classes I took, I still wanted out of that job. I went to Hawaii and took Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy Practitioners Course. I went to Texas to take a crystal healing class. I became a Reiki Pracitioner. By this time my life was so full of amazing learning experiences, I felt like I was high, in fact I hardly had time in the day to sleep.

I started feeling a pull. I realized that if I didn't get out now, I was never going to fulfill my new dream of helping others heal their lives. One particular morning on the way to work I asked my angels and guides how I would know it was time to leave my day job. They said today was the day. When I got to my office I took off my pendant and used it as a pendulum over my desk calendar asking when would be my last day of work. It went crazy over July 6. I tried several times with the same results. I then typed out my resignation and took it to my boss. Easy peasy.



I have since found that in life, the life lessons and the healing never end. I have cleared away pain of the past. I have created pain in the present and transcended that since. Planet earth is a learning playground. We are constantly evolving. I have learned to become grateful for what I have learned and continue to learn.

During my healing journey I have discovered that much of what I was learning felt familiar, memories from my childhood were coming back to me, I felt this as a child, I saw this as a child. I had carried this my whole life, I had actually carried these healing modalities from many lives before this one. I was a natural. I finally figured myself out. Healing was natural to me. Healing was my purpose.

What I have learned is that personal healing is a lot of work, it is emotional at times, it is dark at times and it is heavy. I also learned that I was worth all the effort I put into it. I have lived through some very dark days, I have dug deep to some very dark places within me. I have learned how to heal me, in order to help others heal their lives. If you haven't found out by now, I am passionate about healing.

I now have the pleasure of working with Angels, Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Reiki, and Meditation to assist my clients either one on one or through distance healing. Each individual healing journey is unique, no two sessions are the same. I look forward to each client that comes through the doors, knowing that through me, a new healing journey begins or advances.


“Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, empowering them to use their inner strength to reach their dreams. Empowering passion and a healing hand along the way.”





Hi Jenn,

I just wanted to thank you for the session on Friday. I feel lighter and less congested. I have given a lot of thought to the things that you told me afterward and have looked up my animal spirit guides. It is a turning point for me-thank you for sharing your gift.


That helped A LOT...thank you so much. You're right on the money girlfriend. It was good to get all that so clearly. It's been so difficult because I love him very much, but we are in really different places vibrationally and it's affecting me. He kinda knows

this on some level. We're both having a hard time letting each other go because the heart is so strong, but i know deep down, it's what i/we have to do. Hmmmm...just today i got a hit of another in my life, so that was good to hear from you as well. Your reading gives me strength. I so appreciate your talents and wisdom.

Blesssings and thanks, Britt


It was such a treat to experience a powerful healing meditation with Jennifer. I highly recommend her services as a spiritual tune-up for anyone looking to do some gentle, but effective energy balancing. Thanks Jennifer!

I have gained so much confidence by seeking your guidance and sharing my journey



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading that you did on me. I received this written reading from my friend Tracey last week and to be honest with you it was the most important and personal gift I have ever received. It touched home and at points it made me cry....many times. Tracey mentioned that you had some difficulty with my reading.....well....yes there is alot going on in my life but since the reading I have been trying to ask my angels for help but to be honest i am not sure on how to do so. I have to tell you though...since this for some reason I do not feel is an amazing feeling. I am so amazed at how talented and gifted you have been given a gift from God and I wanted to say thank you. I would love to have a reading with you someday. I am hoping that Tracey will join me. Thank you again , have a fabulous New Year and I will talk to you soon I hope.


"Thank you for this beautiful confirmation for what I am doing with my life at the present time and clearing up some areas for direction. I truly appreciate this - you are very gifted!!!"