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Being Overwhelmed Affects Your Health

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

How does overwhelm affect your body?

Far too many people deny the fact that their body and mind are in overwhelm. They push past their limits telling themselves they will slow down when they have enough money, or enough business. People tell themselves little lies that keep them going, “it isn’t that bad”, “I can handle this”, “ I have to suck it up and keep going”, “if I don’t do it nobody will”. I am here to tell you these little lies, this push to over produce come from a place of lack and fear. At this point you are not even connected to your true self.

So how is this really affecting you? Let’s start with impairing your critical thinking processes. Wow. That’s huge. With impaired critical thinking accidents are more prevalent, poor decisions are more common, and mistakes that likely cost you more money happen more often.

Once you are overwhelmed you have already begun affecting your health on different levels. Your sleep patterns are disrupted, your chest tightens, and I bet if you checked in with your breathing it is short and shallow. All of these are having a negative impact on your heart. Increasing your blood pressure and decreasing the amount of oxygen flowing through your body; the very oxygen your body needs to fuel all of your organs.

Each and every day your body makes adaptations to the high levels of stress by over or under producing cortisol. Inflammatory diseases, changes to the formation of your cells, weight gain, or weight loss become an issue. Your brain and body frequencies begin to vibrate out of harmony. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to slow down, the stress can and likely will break down your resilience to major health challenges.

Like I mentioned earlier at this point you are not even connected with your truth, meaning your creativity is compromised. You are running on empty, which is why you are pushing so hard and seemingly getting nowhere.

That drink that you take at the end of the day to relax, or the cigarette you smoke, are doing more damage to your health. They become a band-aide, which can lead to more serious issues and a false sense that you are handling life.

It’s time to slow down; take a break. Even taking that one tiny step, your heart rate lowers. Your body is an amazing intricate machine, a machine that can repair and rebuild itself, as long as you give it what it needs to do so. You are worth the work and the effort to start repairing any damage that may have occurred.

Start with slowing down, delegate tasks to others who are more than capable of doing the work. Begin using your time wisely, go for a walk, cook a healthy meal, spend valuable time with family and friends. Start giving to your body mind and soul. Read an inspiring book. Meditate. Invest in your well-being. Often times in days and weeks you will begin to notice the difference in your body as you begin to move closer to your true self.

To expedite recovery you might like to consider a Reiki or Sound Bath Session, both are beneficial for bringing your body into complete relaxation and negative energy in the body. Sound Baths help in re-aligning the frequencies in your body back into harmony with their natural rhythm. Contact me for details on both therapies and for coaching on moving from overwhelm to balanced.

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