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Building a Better you Builds a Better Business

I spend a lot of energy, time and effort creating new workshops, searching for business contacts and new opportunities. As much as this is necessary in business, I have to keep in mind that looking after me is just as important as looking after the business.

I am well aware of how running a business can wear you down, stress you out and leave you feeling depleted and blocked. There comes a time when I have to step back, take a bit of time, even take a forbidden day off, and get back to basics. This realization always comes to me when nothing is coming my way, when I feel as though I am wasting my time and no one is listening.

What does getting back to basics mean to me? It means slowing everything down, including my mind. Meditation works for me. It means bringing myself into the present moment in everything I am doing. It means walking on the grass barefoot. It means doing the dishes by hand. It means reading an inspirational book. It means being compassionate with myself. It means self care and self love. It means asking for help. It means playing the crystal singing bowls. It means clearing my chakras. It means listening to my body and following what it's telling me. . It could mean giving myself permission to take the time off to learn something new. It can mean positive affirmations and reviewing my recent thought processes. It can mean helping someone else out.

The rewards and benefits always show up immediately. A message, an email, a phone call. A new opportunity for new clients. This never fails. I know it, it's proven itself over and over again. I am getting much better at not waiting so long to "get back to basics" and start looking after me. When I am in the flow, my business is in the flow. When I am in alignment in all areas with my goals, I attract them easier.

For those who have employees that work for you, this habit and practice will become the culture in the workplace. Your attitudes and habits always filter down to others. Getting back to basics can be an easy way to create a healthy workplace wellness culture.

Might I suggest taking a look at what "getting back to basics" means to you. When was the last time you gave yourself a break?

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