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How Trauma Affects the Body

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

It doesn’t matter when you encountered trauma in your life, it lives in the tiny crooks and crannies of your energy. Trauma shows up differently for everyone at different times in their life. To a baby, being left without a bottle for any length of time is trauma, while going hungry for periods of time as an adult is almost normal. Childhood trauma such as child abuse or sexual abuse lives on within us on an energetic level. Trauma can hit us at any time in our life in any number of ways. Adult trauma can look like abuse in a relationship, or witnessing grotesque events such as a car accident, war, a death, a fire.

This is a quick idea of what is occurring in the body at the impact of trauma. You have this sensation of everything being turned upside down, a sense of loose of control, even if just for a moment. Your brain can not possibly process everything that is happening in the moment, it is operating in the fight or flight, or lower brain that pulses much faster than the upper brain. Scientifically when we encounter trauma the lower brain and the upper brain detach, they are not communicating with each other, creating a disassociation. The traumatic event subsides. The brain starts to slow down, information moves to the processing part of the upper brain. The brain starts to process, but some of that energy has been trapped in your body,and in a sense it is lost. As time passes you begin healing the affects of the stress, the outside affects as well as some of the inner affects. As more time passes we forget what got lost and stuck inside. . Those trapped emotions and stories (energy) can be released by slowing those brain waves down to a Theta State.

Prolonged, or frequently occurring trauma has an increased affect on the brain as the healing time between occurrences is limited and most often results in PTSD. Often times frequently occurring trauma, such as child abuse or sexual assault will result in the person disassociating with what is occurring to them. In other words they create a different reality that is safer to live with.

When I speak of trauma I am not solely speaking of emotional or mental trauma. Let’s bring attention to physical trauma which carries it’s own energy that gets stored in the cells around the injury

Even though we have forgotten about that trapped energy, it continues to play havoc in our lives and in our bodies. Left untreated this can lead to a diagnosis of PTSD depending on the situation. We begin to react to normal situations a little differently, we find that certain senses become triggers to emotional outburst without having an explanation as to why. Trapped energy can also create negative patterns and behaviours in one’s life. Addictions, depression, low self esteem,eating disorders can all be driven by inner trauma.

Bringing our body into resonance with Theta State on a regular basis helps to release the energy stored due to trauma. Our brain waves vibrate as Electro Magnetic Frequencies and pulse within the same frequency of sound. Theta State is 4-8 MHz, which is where healing begins, while our waking or working state (Beta) is 12-38 MHz, almost 3 times as fast.

How can sound therapy help?

As long as our bodies are vibrating and in tune with our natural frequencies we are healthy happy beings. Our bodies function at optimum health. Once anything occurs that alters those frequencies we begin to feel and act out of balance. This is when pain, illness, mental health illnesses and emotional illnesses begin to show themselves.

Brain waves pulse at the same frequency of sound. When certain tones and frequencies are introduced, those brain waves begin to resonate at the same frequency. You can effectively slow the brain waves down using sound, bringing the mind and body into a state of Theta, where healing begins. The release of the trapped emotions, thoughts and beliefs begin to occur at this state.

The use of sound instruments, voice, chanting, are very effective in slowing brain wave frequencies. Brain and body entrainment begin to occur bringing the body into balance and harmony. A recconction with the inner self and inner world occur.

As Johnathn Goldman states, sound + intention = healing.

.Working with sound therapy on a regular basis keeps our mind, bodies and souls not only balanced, but resilient to stress. Trust the person you are working with to have your best intentions in mind and heart.

Visit my Sound Therapy Page to get more information on sessions.

Trauma, the unseen enemy

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