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Workplace Wellness

" Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit -

 the realization that everything we do, think, feel and believe

has an affect on our state of well-being." 

                                                            Greg Anderson


Canadian statistics show that 1 in 4 employees feel stressed,

and 27% of the workforce feel extremely stressed. Investing in your

employees overall emotional and physical health increases productivity/

creativity, creates a foundation for solid forward thinking  and most

importantly decreases short and long term sick leave.  Jenn Prothero 

Wellness offers Workplace Wellness Sessions in Chatham, giving you local 

solutions to this global problem.

Daily stress is affecting people on every level, and whether it comes from the

workplace or not, it shows up in the workplace.  Helping your employees

counteract stress will improve the environment, their relationships and their productivity.   When people feel acknowledged and cared for their productivity and commitment increase.  With clear thinking and a better overall emotional and mental health you will see a decrease in short and long term illnesses.  It may be difficult to place the onus on individuals for thier own wellbeing, but working with Jenn Prothero Wellness in the workplace, everyone wins.

Negativity in the workplace ruins the environment on all levels.  I have been there. 

I left the corporate world because of it.  There isn’t one workplace that is completely free of some form of negativity.  There are; however, many companies that go above and beyond to create healthy employees.  If you are not already one of these employers, now is the time to join the ranks of companies that put well-being first.

During these 30,  60 or 90 minute Work Place Wellness Workshops I take front line, middle management or upper management employees on a journey to a place within themselves where peace, balance and harmony reside.  A place that I can teach them to access.  This workshop includes a discussion on how stress affects the body,  mindfulness activities,  Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls and Guided Meditation.  These techniques are proven to help reconnect their mind, body and soul.  I will show them how to adopt mindfulness practices  to transform their everyday life, and in turn improve the workplace environment.  

Having noticed an increase in need for chronic stress and trauma relief for first responders, along with the stigma surrounding speaking about how you feel I offer "No Talk Therapy Sessions".  A session that offers the same benefits of therapy, without necessarily having to say anything.  Feel relief from stress and trauma, anxiety and depression in a safe natural relaxing way.

If the company chooses to offer follow up private sessions for employees experiencing a particularly difficulat time in life that can be arranged.

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