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How a small decision can turn your life around

How many times have you stopped yourself from making a life change because you weren't sure what the outcome would be? How many times have you felt the nudge to take a different path, but weren't sure the steps to take so continued along the boring trail you were on? How long have you stayed in a relationship that you had outgrown simply because you weren't sure anything better would come to you?

These are all questions everyone faces when they want change in their life. They are all questions that can keep us stuck. They are often the questions we find ourselves over analyzing. What if I asked you, if everything would fall into place, and everything was assured, would you make that first decision?

Many of us are stuck in life because we can't see the big picture, we can see how it will turn out, we can't see success, so we stay in the same stale energy we have been in for what seems life forever. If it's time for change, then listen to that inner calling. Take the first step, even if that step is to decide to do different.

Having made the first decision to change, creates a whole new energy, a whole new mindset. It can feel uncomfortable, so will take time to adjust, but don't allow that to turn you back. The best decision from this point is to make yourself comfortable in your new uncomfortalbness. What do you need to do, or stop doing, to become OK with this new decision?

Each decision and stop we take leads us to the next. Once you make the step, you will find everything you need to keep you going on your journey. There are people you can reach out to, either friends, family, or even a coach, to help you stay on a straight path to where you want to be. You are never alone, unless you want to be.

I have been a firm believer in once you take the first step, you will be met with everything you need. Everything opportunity we attract into our lives is there to teach us, to encourage us to grow, to be different. The more times we say yes to these opportunities, the more we discover about our true selves, the richer our lives become. Yes, stumbling blocks show up, and for the same reason, to get us to pay attention, to help us see differently, or act differently. These stumbling blocks are not meant to stop us from growing and changing, or having what we want in life.

If you are in a transition period in your life, a simple decision to be or do different will set the universe in motion to create change. You never know how strong you are, how big you can be, until you push yourself past the comfort zone and reach for your dream.

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